Dear Prayer Friend,

Thank you for reading this weekly letter and for sometimes replying!  Your support and prayers mean so much to us! You are like Aaron and Hur who keep tired hands up high especially when the battle becomes fierce!


We hope that you will experience this as a reality! In times of sickness and loneliness, I am asking the Lord to carry you and yours!

THANKFULNESS: The Lord lovingly provides for us. Thank you for being part of this! From Thursday untill Monday we visited Pretoria for the first time this year. It was a relaxing break from routine and we are grateful for it.

We had the opportunity to select some books at the OM book shop for our Gala prize giving evening! It is so sad that this place is closing down! At Lettie "gowns"(as we all call her) we were able to rent gowns and caps. Someone promised to make gowns for us! Will that person contact us again, please?

BREAD: We regularly received our weekly 100 loaves of bread from Sunbake as a gift, whereafter it stopped. Does anyone please have an open door to them? Please call us if you can help!  

BBM VIDEO: Please pray for us that we can record a 7 Min video because various organisations are asking for it. Dr Peter Hammond and his team make a 20 Min video which we can use, but a new short video has to be filmed urgently. Thank you for praying with us!

ROOIRIBBOK HOME: It was a privilege to ....almost after a full able to stay in our family house's front flat. This home with its many memories....from where we sent four lively boys to school and married from....and two of them and their brides lived in it for a while! Our Nigerian Christian friends who are currently renting it, are looking well after everything!

GYMNASIUM REUNION: Shai and his friends of long ago had a lovely visit :1961 and Elreza received two new Intercessor lady friends as well! Great joy!!

PRAYER PARTNERS: On Friday evening the14 of us took hands ....with masks on...and Hanna Terblanche again brought delicious creamy mushroom soup and "vetkoek" fingers. Thank you for each person who brought something to chew on. We prayed together from our hearts! A time of prayer is the most wonderful thing on earth! As children we teased my dear mother  and said, "Mom, when you get to heaven surely your first words will be: Let's have a prayer meeting!"

GENERAL'S BREAKFAST: So many empty spaces....some of them who are already gone...we have to be ready every day....we are in our eighties! What a blessing to still be able to work full steam for our King!! 

KOSMOS VISIT: Saturday evening we arrived at a beautiful guesthouse which looks out over the palm trees next to the Hartbeespoort dam...a delicious dinner with Dr Keith Michaels and Cynthia Reevas. The two of us began to cough and sniff and quickly he went to fetch medication at his practice. The Lord cares for us! Sunday morning in the garden church we brought the Word about the Prodigal son, the waiting , running father and the eldest brother who refused to forgive. A friend brought a couple of heavy bags filled with groceries for BBM. Thank you very much!! We appreciate it sincerely!!

DENTIST: Elreza visited three dentists who did not want to extract a molar that was infected. Col  Martin Blignaut, with great effort, arranged that she went to Dr Havenga at 5am Monday morning at the Waterkloof airbase. It seems that the doctor was a student of hers at Waterkloof High School and who sang in her choir, many years ago! The tooth was eventually extracted with painful after effects.... Aching jawbone, ears, cheek is going to take time to heal!

TREE PLANTING DAY: From far and wide friends and supporters contacted us so that we could collect and also buy trees at Jasmyn Windmill...a very interesting farmer's market! We are now safely home....with our BBM family, who welcomed us back with love and open arms. 

CLIVE ROBERTS: He is our  Back to the Bible Board of Directors Coach who invited us for breakfast and in such a lovely manner inspired us and thanked us for what we do at and for BBM. It touched our hearts deeply. 

YEAR GROUP SOCCER FINAL: Everyone, part of BBM family, were yesterday on or next to the field for this year's final match. And guess who won? The second years in their borrowed red shirts! We are wondering if someone won't sponsor or make shirts again for 2 teams? Years ago Marie Fourie from Blood River dressed two teams with red and blue shirts and shorts!! In such manner the Lord looks after us through His people! 

May you have a blessed week! Remember our CAROLS BY CANDLELIGHT  on Friday 19 Nov 6pm! You are most welcome! Please bring a candle with you! RSVP please!!

Shai and Elreza Mulder and our BBM family here in the Valley of Grace!
+27 833066323

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