Dearest friend, we greet you in the Name of JESUS! 

We are shivering with cold.... but the warm love of our Saviour and Friend carries us "day after day." We will be very thankful for and appreciative of some more warm blankets! 


Thank you for investing your time in reading our letters!

INSTALLERS OF CEILINGS : We enjoyed an unexpected visit in Pretoria at Wim and Estelle Swart's home, the architect of our biggest buildings. He also manufactured and installed the Hallelujah Auditorium's ceiling as well as the solid wood shelves of our new Emmanuel Library! 

TWELVE PRAYER PARTNERS: Thank you for each one of you who came on Friday evening 30 April in Pretoria. Youqww35556788 took our hands and prayed with us. The Terblanche - family again made us delicious mushroom soup and finger "vetkoeke"/doughnuts! May God bless every open heart and hand! 

ETIOPIAN SUPPLIES: Nuriye, alumni student, arrived again with supplies:" God called me to supply something for you!" We are deeply grateful: toilet paper, oil, soap, Cremora, beans, toothpaste etc etc. 

ZOE COURSE BY REV KOOS KRIEL & ALUMNI: This year the 1st and 2nd years and some staff experienced this life changing course. The testimonies of inner healing touched our hearts, especially two who witnessed that they are now true believers! 

KOREAN VISIT: Our Korean Opera singer Hanna Min brought a group of Koreans to see what we are doing. May the Lord their dream for a Bible College! 

BOOK REVIEWS: Every week morning, after sermon, a student delivers a book report. We learn so much from this: William Carey, Andrew Murray, Bounds, etc."Readers are leaders!"

"DEBORAHS ON OUR KNEES!!!" This is our ladies' cry under the leadership of Annah, our competent chairlady from Zimbabwe. Vicky Young, our chalk-preacher's bubbly and warm hearted  wife told us about their interesting journeys as missionaries. 

MED B OUTREACH: Today we visited the Med B Prison again. May the lost come to Christ and may the reading material we give them bear fruit. 


Thank you for remembering us in your prayers and agreeing with us for:

●Further funds of R700 pm in order for each student to pay his/her study fees! 

●The funds to change the book storage room into needed staff quaters. 

● Normal outreaches that everyone can go on an outreach!!! We thank the Lord for Med B prison outreach! 

●Comfort for many families who succumbed to illnesses for healing! 

Deep from our hearts we THANK YOU for fighting with us for the Gospel! 

With love 

Shai and Elreza and everyone at BBM! 



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