Beloved Fellow pilgrim to eternity!

"Wherefore He....JESUS CHRIST... is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by Him, seeing He ever liveth to make intercession for them!" Heb 7:25
This is a wondrous thought and fact: that the Son of God ....the Almighty Creator and Recreator of the human heart... PRAYS FOR ME, A LOST SINNER! It goes beyond my understanding but fills me with joy and gratitude! God will always answer His Son's prayers! May I agree with His prayers!!

SADNESS:  Many of our friends and family struggle with this corona. We PRAY for you!!! We thank the Lord for everyone that survives! Elreza's sister Barbara and Fanie especially drove from  Bloemfontein for Elsa Mulder's funeral in Welkom. It is so sad that the 81 year old Thys is now alone. May the Lord comfort him and fill the empty space with His presence.  The unrest in the country also brought anxiety and hardship over us. Thank you Prince of Peace who is still with us and who cares! 

DISAPPOINTMENT TURNED AROUND: We looked forward to a restful week at  Makarios, but had to cancel it because of the uncertainties in our country. God sometimes turns around disappointment and Shai is thankful that he could be here to supervise the completion the staff flats. The students who are here worked very hard with Desemba to try to finish everything! We really hope it will be finished soon. Building always has its challenges!! 

SUNDAY'S SERMON: It was again on WhatsApp  about: GOD HANDLING OUR FEARS with 4 points:
PRAYER that makes everything possible through JESUS CHRIST!

NEW STUDENTS: We are grateful for new students who are now applying for next year. Application forms are on our website: PLEASE stand with us and help us with marketing and to look for those who are called by God. We appreciate your prayers and support!!

JESUSFILM TRAINING: It was such a joy for a few of the staff and students who were able to do the training under the leadership of  Willem Kelber via Zoom. He presented it with excellence in order for us to present this film via WhatsApp  on our cellphones!

 GARDEN LAYOUT: We are looking forward that Frans and Ilze Cronje volunteered to do the layout of our garden especially around the library. We pray for his health! We expect them to arrive soon.

ZOOM JOY: We have not seen our children and grand children for almost 3 years. And now our Father is so faithful and kind that we are able to see each other via Zoom and pray and converse together!! It's a joyful experience!!

PRAYING AT THE CROSS: With great joy we daily run up the hill and pray together at the cross!  "Come and kneel at the cross.....because Jesus will meet you there!!" a well-loved song at BBM.

TERBLANCH'E: This family called having soy and rice for us!! Now we have to arrange for delivery! We thank you from our hearts!! 

With sincere thanks for your prayers, your gifts and support....we can never thank you enough!!!

With Calvary love deep from within BBM hearts!!

Shai and Elreza and everyone inside and outside BBM....on their way home...They will be for 10 days under quarantine...
Please pray for the third term which begins on 26 July!

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